iStock Promo Codes: Exclusive Deals on Exclusive Galleries

In general, the words “exclusive” and “stock photo” don’t go together too well.  Microstock agencies are able to sell the rights to imagery for cheap because those same images are licensed to lots of users.  And galleries are hardly exclusive either, as photographers often license their images to many vendors.  But a few years ago, iStock changed this formula a bit by offering exclusive deals to photographers, offering higher commission rates if images were only sold to iStock.  Today, that tradition of exclusivity has continued, and there are a good number of images you can only get on iStock.  And if you want to get those exclusive images for an exclusive deal, our iStock Promo Code is the place to go.  Here’s what you need to know about getting the best price on iStock’s exclusive offerings.

iStock: Exclusive Content, Exclusive Quality

By providing much higher commision rates for exclusive contracts than other vendors do, iStock has gathered some of the most talented artists in the stock photography field into one place.  And the resulting exclusive galleries are very high quality.  If you are looking for standard portrait and situational imagery done right with perfect lighting and attention to deal, check out the Agency Collection.  If you are looking for a more artistic take on stock photography, look up the Vetta Collection.  No matter where you look on iStock, you can find some high quality, exclusive content.

Getting an Exclusive Deal with Our iStock Promo Code

It probably isn’t surprising that at iStock, exclusive quality comes at a premium price.  But if you want to get access to their exclusive imagery with a deal that you won’t find anywhere else, check out our one of a kind iStock promo codes (you can visit StockPhotoSecrets for a promo code).  For all of 2021, all of the deals below apply to all iStock imagery, even their high quality exclusive content.

Up to 15% Off on iStock Credit Packs

If you are looking to buy your iStock imagery on demand with their credit pack systems, our promo codes will save you a good amount.  For any credit packages of 18 or more, our codes will save you 15% off upfront.  If you are looking for only a few images, our promo codes will save your 10% on packages of 3 or more credits.

Big Savings On iStock Subscriptions

If you hope to download even more of iStock’s exclusive imagery, and need imagery often, we can save you money on an annual subscription as well.  For all of 2021, you can save 15% immediately when you sign up for a new iStock annual subscription plan.  No matter how you cut it, that’s exclusive content at an exclusive price.

Adobe Stock for Creative Cloud Users

What’s your favorite Creative Cloud desktop software application? Which stock photo agency do you get your images from? With the launch of Adobe Stock a little over a year ago, you now have a whole new collection to explore. The stock site has some unique features that make it worth considering for Creative Cloud users, like you.

Adobe first acquired Fotolia in 2014, but kept it as a separate stock agency. Then, it introduced Adobe Stock as a stand-alone stock site, which is now the largest in the industry. Integrated with Creative cloud software applications, customers had access to over 40 million images submitted by Fotolia contributors through the new site, click here.

Now, Adobe Stock offers both stock images and footages. Its recent merge with Corbis expanded its library to a whooping 200 million of high quality content. It also features a very attractive website that is built into the Creative Cloud software. That’s right! You can search a wide variety of images inside your favorite CC desktop application.

Here is a short Adobe Stock review:

  • The largest stock media library in the industry with over 200 million content.
  • Available in many countries and 20 languages so you can search in your own words.
  • Simple pricing starts at $9.99 per image and $79.99 per video.
  • Several subscription options with 10, 350 and 750 images per month.
  • Integration with Adobe software platform for easy design comping and licensing.
  • Various sorting options for more efficient searches.
  • Accepts all major credits cards and PayPal.

Signing up with Adobe Stock brings a number of benefits, but it also come with a disadvantage. At this point, the stock site does not offer an option for Extended License. If you need images for multi-seat usage, unlimited print productions, and resale, you can purchase it through Fotolia.

Adobe Stock is a major player in the stock media industry. It has one of the largest libraries and simplest pricing to cater to your unique creative needs. With the integration to Creative Cloud software, you can save more time and money working with comp images before actually purchasing them.


Why Do You Need a WordPress Image Plugin?

Did you know that a 1-second delay in load equals fewer page views? It can also decrease customer satisfaction by 16% and can lead to 7% loss in conversions. That’s why it is necessary to improve the speed of your website. One of the most effective ways to do so is by optimizing your images. You don’t have to strip your webpage of all images to speed it up. You can simply optimize and compress them into a smaller size.

Pixelrockstar is the wordpress image plugin that rocks! You’re asking why, so here are a few good reasons why you need this plugin:

  • It’s easy to use. With PixelRockstar, you can download and use images easily and quickly. You don’t have to deal with complicated processes to add images to your wordpress site, giving you more time to do the things you love.
  • All images are legally safe. Say goodbye to the copyright police because you never have to worry about them trailing your back. This wordpress image plugin delivers safe-to-use images, letting you avoid the legal risks of using images from the internet.
  • PixelRockstar offers the best prices. Stock photos in the plugin costs as low as $0.57, depending on the plan you get. The highest price for an image is $0.90. You don’t have to pay more than a dollar to get high quality images.
  • Images are licensed to use in social media outlets. Do you intend to share your posts to social media? No problem. All images from the wordpress plugin come with a Digital License, which allows you to use them in social media and wordpress posts alike.

Improving the speed of your website should be your number one priority if you want to increase traffic, customer satisfaction and conversions in your website. Every second delay could cost you hundreds – even thousands – of valuable visitors and potential customers.

Using Adobe Stock Images in Blogging

Blogging is a good way to express your ideas and thoughts. The technology that has been made available to everyone means that whatever you post online, has a chance of getting noticed by everyone.

As a blogger, the thoughts come easy but what you need to get better engagement with your posts are images and graphics. The easiest way is to us pictures. You can get a designer get stuff done for you but well, if you’re looking for a quick post its images.

Images for Blogging

It’s not rocket science on what image you put when you post a blog. Pick the one that’s closest to your topic – to what you’re talking about. It’s not that hard. The challenge you’re going to face is that it may be easy to get your images but are you allowed to use it? That’s the question?

There are tons of images on the internet that may be related to whatever it is that you are blogging about but the thing is, you just can’t use any of them. There are legal issues with using images you just picked somewhere on the internet.

That’s why you need Adobe Stock Images, which are the perfect images for your blog posts and they won’t get you into any legal trouble.

High Quailty Images

They are all high quality images, which means that these are the pictures that you’re proud to show on your blog. You can showcase these as featured images. You can put these as any image that you can put in your blog post.

On top of that you get millions of these photos, illustrations and graphics that you can use which means that whatever niche you’re in, what topic you are writing about, there is an appropriate one that you will be able to use.

Easy Editing

As a designer, you’re also able to use these images straight from any Adobe Creative Cloud app that you’re using.

What you have now is an endless stream of Adobe Stock Images that you can use for your blogs and then you also have images that you can make changes to if you choose to do so. Whether you are starting out or already a seasoned blogger with a lot of posts under your belt, let’s face it, you will need graphics, photos and illustrations for your blogs.

There are a lot of bloggers out there who can attest the use of stock images, and it has done wonders for them. It’s just amazing how you can now have the power to put royalty-free, high quality images in an instant.

There’s definitely a lot of benefits with Adobe Stock Images – millions of content and easy integration with all your tools. What more can you ask.

So if you’re a blogger, get it out of your mind, stop thinking about where to get your images. You know where to get them, you know what to use.

Adding Adobe Stock Photos to Your Design

Adobe acquired the stock media site Fotolia a little over a year ago. Many were anxious of how that would turn out, but soon it became clear. Adobe Stock is a collection of over 40 million images, graphics and videos. It can be accessed virtually with Creative Cloud software applications, such as Photoshop and InDesign. You can search for the perfect Adobe Stock photos by entering keywords related to the content you are trying to find.


From within your favorite CC software, you can search for Adobe Stock photos by typing a keyword. Tap the search button to display your results. For instance, you can type happy family and Adobe Stock will present you with 845,258 results. That is plenty of images to choose from. When you tap the image, the stock site displays a larger version and other similar images. This is a pretty feature. You may not necessarily love the picture you chose, but AS gives related images that you might like better.   

If you are using a Creative Cloud software application, you can work with comp images – another feature unique to Adobe Stock. You can use these comp images at the beginning of the design process or until you are ready to commit to making a purchase. When you are viewing Adobe Stock photos, you will notice two buttons in the upper right corner. You can choose to save preview or license asset, where you will be asked to save the image in a Creative Cloud library.

With Adobe Stock, you can create a new library or save your comp images to existing CC libraries. Save preview downloads a low-resolution version of images with watermarks. On the other hand, licensing an asset subtracts credits from your account or brings up a webpage where you can purchase the image or subscribe to a plan. The Save Preview allows you to show get the approval of your client before you continue with the purchase.


Once you are ready to purchase Adobe Stock photos, you can right-click on the image and choose License Image to download the high resolution version. You don’t have to worry about spending another set of hours to work with the new image either. The high-res version will automatically replace the watermarked version, saving you from hours of rework.

The integration of Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud is a powerful feature during the initial phases of the design process. It allows you to download Adobe Stock photos, experiment on them and explore their impact to your creative projects before you purchase them. When things are finalized, you can license the images easily and quickly, and download the high resolution version. It’s really time and money saving. Try it and tell us what you think!

Choosing the Best Cheap Stock Photos for an Infographic

Audience Listening To Presentation At ConferenceCheap stock images are not only used in websites and blogs. There are a number of other projects that require the use of cheap photos to make them more interesting. Infographic is the most suitable example. As a graphic visual representation of information, infographics need cheap stock photos as being recommended by Stock Photo Secrets to enhance the ability of people to see trends and patterns. If you are having a tough time picking the best stock photo cheap, here are a few tips.

  • Avoid clichéd images. When looking for cheap photos for your infographic, you need to shy away from stereotypical images such as handshakes. These images are often found on the first page of page results. Thus, they are frequently used in marketing campaigns. To come up with something new and more unique, check out other stock images buried deep in the search results.
  • Make it personal. The essence of cheap stock images is connecting people to your brand, your company and your services. And, images of people and animals creates this feeling of connection.
  • Keep it relevant and up-to-date. To create an effective infographic, make sure that your cheap stock images are relevant and up-to-date. They should complement your message and capture the audience attention with distracting their focus. They should be up-to-date as well. After all, it is the 21st You do not want to use images that depict the 80s unless retro is your theme.
  • Choose consistent colors. When choosing cheap stock photos, also consider colors. The colors of images should complement your website’s theme. For instance, if your theme is yellow. Your images should also have a hint of yellow to create a professional feel.
  • Ensure the cheap photos work with your format. In choosing stock images, do not just settle for look and feel, you should also consider orientation. You do not want to crop your photos to fit your format. So, make sure that you use landscape or portrait as required by your webpage. Cropped photos are blurry. They do not look professional at all.

What is your greatest challenge in finding cheap stock images for your infographic? With the above tips, you do not have to go through these troubles. Just visit cheap stock photo sites like Shutterstock, iStock and Depositphotos to find professional cheap stock photography that can you can use for your project.

Unless you are a professional photographer, finding the right stock photos cheap for you infographic is an important task. It determines the success of your campaign. To make sure that you create an effective and successful marketing through infographics, avoid clichéd images, add people and animals, use relevant and up-to-date images, choose consistent colors, and test your image to fit your format.

4 Tips on Choosing Cheap Stock Photos Effectively

cheap stock images for your websitesCheap stock photos increases the visual quality of your creative projects if you know how to pick the right ones. They are important elements that every website, blog and campaign should have. Since people are drawn to images, you should use them to help your readers determine the theme and topic of your project. But, how do you choose the best stock photos among millions of different choices?

Here are four easy rules of thumb you should keep in mind when browsing cheap stock images for your creative projects:

  • Look for pictures that show emotions. The best kind of cheap photos to incorporate in blogs are those that show emotion. Show pictures that show excitement, frustration, sadness and happiness. If possible, look for those with people in them so they can tell your story through their body language and facial expressions. This is exactly how you make your images tell your story as in the phrase: “A picture is worth a thousand words”.
  • Consider the clothes that people wear in photos. You may think that the clothes, make up and jewelry that people wear in pictures are not important. But, they actually play a huge part in the way people feel and see your website. For instance, if you want to depict professionalism in your site, you need to get images with people wearing sleek clothing, clean jewelry, and minimal make up. Also, choose images that clearly depict a certain era. Unless your theme is retro, do not use images with people wearing outdated clothing.
  • Think about the color scheme of the stock photo cheap. Many cheap stock images have overall color scheme that you can notice at first glance. If the theme of your creative project is black, silver or white, you want to choose images with vibrant colors to vary it up. However, you also need to watch out for those that will look out of place.
  • Choose images with attractive people. While this may seem shallow, you cannot deny the fact that most people like to look at pictures of attractive people. That’s why magazines and commercials are full of them. When choosing cheap stock images, steer clear of those that feature unattractive people. You do not have to choose “sexy” photos. Simply pay attention to facial features. Look for cheap photos of people with nice clothes and attractive make up – as long as they go well with your theme.

cheap stock images

Choose the right cheap stock images offers great results to your creative project. Remember to choose images that show emotion, up-to-date clothing, variety and attractive components to ensure your website, blog or campaign’s success. These rules of thumb are not mean or wrong, they simply increase the attractiveness of your project more.

Be the First to Download Images with a Shutterstock Coupon Code

Over 500,000 royalty-free images are added to Shutterstock library every week, making it harder for individuals and businesses not to find the image that will represent their companies. In fact, the website currently contains almost 63 million high quality contents. Whatever category you are searching for, the stock photo agency will surely have something to complement your core message. And no matter how much your budget is, you will surely find a plan that will fit in it.

Shutterstock allows you to browse through 30 of its categories. Are you running a pet store? There is the Animals/Wildlife category. Are you a fashion or food blogger? There is Beauty/Fashion and Food and Drink category. The website also allows you to browse through categories according to popularity and relevance. You can also brose image according to the date of upload. Moreover, you can browse through undiscovered images and be the first to download them.

Shutterstock Coupon Code


Isn’t it exciting to be the first to download images? It gives you the comfort that you will not see them in other websites and blogs. Shutterstock gives you this opportunity through the undiscovered tab under the categories. Of course, you still need to subscribe to a plan starting with the basic license, which offers 5 images for under $50. But, the good news is that Shutterstock coupons are available to get you some discounts.

Yes, that’s right! You can get a Shutterstock coupon from affiliated sites and Shutterstock itself. Giving you loads of savings, these Shutterstock coupons can be used to get discounts from your chosen subscription plans. In fact, you can avail of as much as seven to ten percent discount, depending on the coupon code. Although it does not seem that much, it can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in the long run.

With Shutterstock, you can find everything you need for your creative projects. You can also download them instantly. Over 60 million of royalty-free images, illustration, vectors and music clips are waiting for you. Once you sign up to the website, you are even entitled to one free image and one free vector every week. Yes, Shutterstock gives you that! Aside from the already affordable subscription plans, you can enjoy freebies every week.


Shutterstock gives you the opportunity to be the first to download images through the undiscovered category. It also gives you the chance to further your savings through coupons for Shutterstock. Now, searching and purchasing of images has become easier and more affordable through categories and coupon codes. This makes the website more attractive not only to individual creative users, but also to small enterprises.  

Photocase Review: Raising Stock Photography to a Higher Level

photocase-klein Stock photography is important for the creative community, especially bloggers and businesses. They need a constant stream of images to demonstrate their bottom line and establish their brand. It is highly regarded as the best option for people who do not have the time, money and energy to conduct expensive photoshoots. In short, it is used as a possible option for those who want to use equally creative images to illustrate their work.

Due to its nature, stock images can be used in countless ways by other people. Photocase photography aims to change all of that. The Berlin-based company is a passionately curated stock photo agency that offers unique and modern stock images. It has a small gallery filled with authentic, contemporary and inspiring images that you will never find in other stock image websites.

Photocase ensures that every single image in the website makes a visceral statement. It does not only apply to any piece of writing or website; it enhances an already powerful message. Creative stock images should be genuinely impressive in their own right, but Photocase images break this level of genuineness with more authentic, more inspiring and more interesting stock images.

Why should you choose Photocase?


Stock photography does not need to be predictable. If you want to enhance your bottom line, you need fresh and exciting imagery. You need for more than just pretty images to do that. Fortunately, Photocase offers hand-picked images with a modern feel. Its photos are cleared for any kind of use as agreed on the type of license you purchased. With prices that will surely fit your budget, it is the best website for your blog, ad campaign and website.

The website has a pretty impressive collection. Although the company is based in Germany, the images are relevant to the different ways of life of people around the world. They also depict real life situations, captured at the moment of action. They do not have a false sense of being posed like other typical images. In a word, Photocase photography sets the stage for emotions like elevating moods.

Bloggers, businesses and ad agencies use stock photography to depict their content. They need the right image amplify their messages. To accomplish that, they need Photocase – a strongly curated stock agency with unconventional images. The website provides pictures worthy of their works.



Photocase is all praise from clients who require authentic and unique images. Providing a more stylized version of reality, it helps the creative community convey their real life experiences with these images. Many customers trust the company to provide them with the best images for their most significant works of art. You should, too. Get a Photocase coupon code to enjoy free credits and discounts now!

How to Contribute to Adobe’s Image Library

adobe-stock-image-service---homeIn December 2014, Adobe announced plans to purchased Fotolia. By January 2015, the purchase was complete. However, Adobe has maintained Fotolia as a separate business entity. It has its own website with its own rules and its own logo. You would never guess that is owned by Adobe if it were not for a small Adobe logo in the upper left-hand corner of the Fotolia website.

As Adobe was entering the stock photo world, they did more than just purchased Fotolia. They also have a new service for their Creative Cloud. They call it Adobe Stock. Creative Cloud customers can now buy Adobe Stock images with the royalty-free license from directly within their Creative Cloud desktop apps.

They have over 40 million images to choose from. These photos come from contributing artists. How do you become a contributing artist to Adobe’s image library?

Since Adobe’s entrance into stock photo started with Fotolia, the contributing artists sign-up page is on Once you create an account, you can upload your images to be included in Fotolia’s library. You earn a commission on those images when one of them gets sold. There are different commission rates depending on the subscription plan and the platform where it sold. You may find the commission schedule here.


For every dollar you earn in commission, you earn one credit. Once your account reaches 50 credits, you may ask for a payout to your PayPal account.

To create a seller’s account on Fotolia, you must meet the following minimum qualifications.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must be the exclusive author for everything you upload.
  • You must either own or have the authorization to use every element of every photo you upload. This includes intellectual rights such as products, people, and property.
  • Your account must be confirmed. What this means is when you sign up for an account, you must check your email and click on the link in your email to confirm your

A photographer’s life is spent taking pictures. Truth be told, in order to earn a living off of your photos using stock imagery, you must contribute thousands of photos. For the photographer who makes a living off of his photos this way, this requirement should be an easy one to reach. Once you reach the point of earning a steady commission, you can continue to earn residual income off of the photos. This means you will receive a commission not just when the photo sells, but every time the photo sells. Get crackin’ and go shoot some photos!

3 Things Adobe Stock is Doing Right

The creators of the most professional digital creation software have added to their services with Adobe Stock. Adobe Stock may be seen to be just like any other stock photo service on the outside, but a closer look quickly debunks the theory. Here are three things Adobe Stock is doing right.

  1. Adobe Has Focused on Quality Imagery and Professional Curation.

adobe stock

Adobe has put together over 4 million images in high definition to be used in their creative suite of programs. However, there are other programs that use the same images of such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote. With 21 different categories to choose from, you will find more than just photos here. You will also find illustrations and vector images – these are some of the most high-quality images you’ll find on the market that focus on quality and professionalism.

  1. Adobe Has Monthly Plans on the Cheaper Side.


Adobe has monthly plans that can be cheaper than some of the big-box competitors. You can choose to download a single image for $9.99, or you can go with one of their monthly rates. If you are a member of Adobe’s Creative Cloud proprietary cloud service, you are free to download ten images per month for mere $29.99. This cost increases if you’re not a creative cloud subscriber, making this a much more competitive rate of $49.99. Due to the seamless integration of Adobe Stock images into Adobe’s Creative Cloud software, it is much more likely that the majority of people will be paying $29.99 for the image service. Furthermore, additional images past the limit of ten per month will only cost you $2.99 (for Creative Cloud subscribers) and you can roll over a total of 120 images, month after month. The most expensive option is up to 750 images per month for $199.99 per month with each image costing an additional $.99.

  1. Catering to Creative Professionals and Not Just Advertisers.

global leader

Perhaps the most enticing feature is not really a feature at all. Adobe has always catered to creative professionals. Since most other stock image services are used mostly by marketers and advertisers, the choice of photos is usually catered to this group. However, there is another group of creative professionals that have a need for royalty-free stock imagery. Creative professionals such as graphic designers or even students of graphic design can make use of the service. Other professionals that do not need to advertise services such as bloggers or teachers can make use of these services. Digital artists can spend their days tinkering with Photoshop with these images. Case in point, the fact that Adobe caters to creative professionals as well as advertisers makes them a prime choice over other image services.